Requirements to Sell Puppies


Space Prices:

Spaces for selling puppies are $24.00 per day or $48.00 for the weekend. There is a $10.00 per day deposit that will be refunded to you after we verify that you left your area clean.

Selling Requirements:

1. Puppies must be 6 weeks old. Do not bring parent dogs. Many customers are afraid of big dogs.
2. You must have current shot records each time you set up.
3. You must have a copy of a clean “Bill of Health” from a licensed Veterinarian.
4. Your driver’s license or ID card, address, phone numbers, and type of puppies you are selling.
5. You must give the buyer a copy of your name, address, and phone numbers.
6. You need to give the buyer a written guarantee of your policies, which must include a minimum of 48 hours to have the puppy checked by a Veterinarian of the buyer’s choice. Must include your policy on any genetic defects.
7. You Must Have a North Carolina Sales Tax Number if you are selling more than 2 weeks.

Other Important Information:

You may reserve a space in advance by calling & paying with a credit card.

If we do not have an inside space, you may set up in the parking lot. You must register with the office, have all your records, and pay the rental fee.